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Our Services​

Wellness & Prevention

Physical Exam


Fecal Testing

Heartworm Testing

Tick-Borne Disease Testing

Feline Leukemia / Aids Test

Lab Work

Senior Profile

Puppy / Kitten Visit Packages

Prescription Foods

Flea, Tick, Heartworm, & Intestinal Parasite Prevention

Surgery & Treatments

Spay / Neuter

Dental Cleaning


Growth Removal


Eye Enucleation

Ear Hematoma Repair



IV Fluid Therapy


Heartworm Treatment



Medicated Bathing

Nail Trim

Dremel Nail Trim

Ear Cleaning

Ear Hair Removal

Anal Gland Expression

Sanitary Trim

Scheduling an Appointment & Requesting Refills

Please arrive five to ten minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. 

For your convenience, a copy of our New Client / New Pet paperwork is available on our homepage.

 Cancellations should be made within 24 hours of your appointment.

If your pet has more than one concern that needs addressing, please inform our staff during appointment scheduling.

If our staff is not informed beforehand, you may be asked to schedule a follow-up appointment for additional services if they exceed the allotted time of the original appointment.

Technician appointments do not include a doctor's visit. 

If your pet needs to be seen urgently on a fully-booked day, you may be asked to drop them off.

Upon doctor approval, we will do our best to fit your pet into our busy schedule. 

There may be a walk-in/emergency fee added to your invoice.

If we are unable to work them in that day, they may stay overnight at no additional cost. 

Please call our office before arriving.

Please allow 24 hours for medication refills to be faxed or called in to the pharmacy. 

Thank you for choosing God's Creatures Animal Hospital!

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